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Brodarski institut’s laboratory for acoustics is specialized in air acoustics and noise protection, as well as in ultrasound and underwater acoustics.
From the foundation of Brodarski institut, the activities of acoustics and vibrations were its constituent part. Today, the departments for acoustics and vibrations apply and develop activities in relation to air acoustics, noise protection, underwater acoustics, ultrasound as well as strength and resistance of mechanical (especially ship) constructions on vibrations, shocks and impacts.

Based on fifty years of experience, specific knowledge was acquired that may be used for solving the most demanding problems from this area. Our expertise in this area is used for noise mapping of urban areas as well as for protection of working places Specialized laboratories for vibrations and shock, underwater acoustics, ultrasound and air acoustics with pertaining equipment enable performance of numerous measurements and examinations, as independent services or as support in development of complex products and services.

In the field of vibration, Brodarski institut provides testing and monitoring of dynamic phenomena of different structures in situ (ships, energetic plants, means of transportation, road structures, etc.). Also, laboratory tests mechanical resistance to shock, vibration, bumps and hydrostatic pressure products. Brodarski institut's vibration specialists also make predictions of the level of mechanical resistance of a product or a structure, and can on the basis of numerical modelling and calculation make recommendations how to achieve better mechanical resistance in the phase of a new product development.

Brodarski institut’s Primary Calibration Laboratory performs calibration of mechanical vibration sensors and transducers.