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Ship hydrodynamics laboratories - towing tanks and cavitation tunnels are among best equipped in Europe. There are four towing tanks and two cavitation tunnels: Towing tank No.1 - 276 m long, towing tank No.2 – 302,5 m long, towing tank No.3 - 44/67 m long, rotating arm tank - F 32 m, large and small cavitation tunnels, model manufacturing shops and instrumentation laboratory. Using the appropriate geometrical scale, testing of displacement, semi displacement and high speed forms of ships are carried out in the Institute.

In Brodarski institut laboratories, hydrodynamic characteristics of ship forms are being tested and optimized: resistance, propulsion, manoeuvrability and control, seekeeping and launching, as well as hydrodynamic characteristics of propellers in cavitation. Since the foundation of the Institute, around 1400 ship models and 1200 propeller models have been manufactured and tested. Such tradition created wide experience in domain of various concepts of energy saving for propulsion and other ship systems.

Often, primary goal of hydrodynamic investigation was to increase fuel economy of new vehicles, improve operational efficiency, hull form optimization to reduce wave resistance, appendages arrangement optimization in order to reduce resistance, energy efficiency devices with role of enhancing propulsion system, advanced propulsion concepts (i.e. azimuth units, contra-rotating propellers).

Except all Croatian shipyards, most distinguished vessel manufactures are customers of Brodarski institut: Azimut, Benetti, Sydac and Fincantieri form Italy, Seaway from Slovenia, Rolls Royce from Sweden, Heavy Lift from Netherlands, French Briand yacht Design, Marinteknik from Singapore, American Marquise Yachts, Greek Naviera Ulisses, Fapco from Venezuela, Dubai Drydocks from the United Arab Emirates and others. The Institute performs also full scale performance testing of ships. Till now, Brodarski institut performed prototype, delivery and exploitation measurements on more than 1200 sea trials. Those trials encompass propulsion measurements, manoeuvrability testing, sea keeping, launching, noise and vibration measurements and so on.